Magic Curtain Productions, Inc.

Where talent and creativity bring magic to life!

Magic Curtain Productions Inc. is East Orlando’s premiere community theater offering opportunities for performers and patrons alike.

Our Next Family Production is in March

Our Next Main Stage Production is in May

Performance Troupes

MCP Performance Troupes consist of Senior, Junior, and Mini Troupes. Our Troupes work very hard each week and have so much fun! It’s a wonderful opportunity for talented kids to be part of a family that loves to perform just as much as they do! Each Troupe rehearses every week and performs at events around the community, and attend either the Florida Theater Festival in Gainesville, the Junior Theater Festival in Atlanta, or the National Performing Arts Festival at Walt Disney World, or all three! Click here for more details.


Magic Curtain Productions offers singing, dancing and acting classes and individual lessons for students of all ages. Group classes are offered on a semester basis. Individual lessons are scheduled by appointment. Click here for more details.


Magic Curtain Productions offers theater opportunities for all ages. From our Little One’s Productions K-5th grade, Family Theater Productions ages 8-18 and Main Stage Productions for ages 6 and up, there is something for everyone! Click here for more deatils.